STO: Proper 25

Saint Thomas’ Services

for The Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 25):
24 October 2021

  • Saturday 5.30pm: Holy Eucharist (In the nave or Livestream)
  • Sunday 9.00am: Sunday School for Children (Zoom)
  • Sunday 10.30am: Holy Eucharist (Outdoors)
  • Sunday, Noon: Sunday School Pumpkin Carving (Contact Barbara K. for details)
  • Sunday 2pm: Convocation Special Meeting (Only delegates receive Zoom links)
  • Sunday 3pm: Baptism Preparation (Outdoors)
  • Sunday 6pm: Youth Group for Teens (Online — Contact Dan O. for details)
  • Sunday 6pm: Bible Study for Adults (Zoom)


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