What We Believe

At St. Thomas’, you will find a great diversity of thought and opinion. We don’t all think the same things: we simply agree to worship together. In the Episcopal Church, we don’t tend to get uptight about the finer points of theology and doctrine. There is space in our community for many different beliefs. The Episcopal Church adheres to the ancient Christian idea commonly stated as:

Lex orandi, lex credendi

This can be translated as, “law of praying, law of believing”. Or, more loosely, one might see this principle applied in the maxim, “Christianity is caught, not taught.” This means that what we believe is shaped by how we pray. So while we might not choose to split theological hairs in the abstract, we sometimes appear particular or even fussy about how we worship. We believe our words and actions (and silences and stillnesses) matter. Over time they shape us. In worship, we appear before God, and are being transformed by God into people who live always conscious of God’s presence. You don’t have to think like us in order to be welcome among us. The light that God gives to each of us is complimentary. Together we will arrive at a more complete understanding of the truth; together we will encounter a more complete experience of God’s love.

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