Covid 19 Resources

Current Protocols for St. Thomas’

As of 7 March 2022, at St. Thomas’ we are choosing to follow the CDC’s new county-by-county guidelines on Covid-19 best practices for Gloucester county. Additionally, according to guidance from our Diocese, we will require masks while singing whenever the daily new infection rate is over 15/100k people.

No matter the “Community Level” of Covid-19, the CDC encourages everyone to stay up-to-date on their vaccinations and to wear masks if they are worried about being compromised. You will always be welcome to wear a mask at St. Thomas’ whenever that makes sense to you.

Other Options

We strive each week to livestream at least one service, and then to post a link to the recording on our website.  On Wednesdays we celebrate the Holy Eucharist outdoors (except in the winter or when the weather is particularly difficult) and we celebrate some Sundays and other holidays outdoors as well!

We are each navigating our own route through the pandemic. St. Thomas’ is offering a variety of options for participation so that you can choose the one that is right for you on any given week.

Authoritative Information on COVID-19

One of the most loving, effective steps you can take at this time toward ending the pandemic is to get vaccinated.  Viruses can’t mutate if they can’t spread. Vaccination is the key to reducing that spread. Church leaders including our own Bishop Stokes, Presiding Bishop Curry, and the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, have all pointed to the duty of every Christian who can to be vaccinated as an act of loving neighbor.