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Information about St. Thomas’

Due to the current outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus, all activities on the church campus are suspended until further notice. This suspension of activities began on Friday, 13 March 2020, in by the direction of our Bishop in consultation with medical experts and clergy from across the Diocese.

Our buildings may be closed, but our church continues to operate! We have two primary functions during this time of disruption:

  1. To worship God
  2. To care for one another

We will continue in our worship individually, using the Prayer Book, Lenten guides, or other resources. We will continue in our worship collectively, using Zoom or videos linked on the St. Thomas’ website, on the Diocesan website, or elsewhere.

We will care for one another in various ways, including:

  • Meeting together on Zoom for meetings, conversations, and studies
  • Calling one another regularly on the phone
  • Providing for the needs of any who find themselves stuck at home and running out of essentials
  • Other ways the Holy Spirit teaches us

While we fast from weekly worship together, we can remain united in heart, in purpose, and in encouragement. This is our unasked-for Lenten discipline, from which we can look forward with new zeal to the day of Resurrection.

During this time, you are encouraged to communicate with friends in the parish regularly in order to maintain our connections to one another. You are also welcome to contact the church office via telephone (856.881.9144) or email ( The phone will not be answered, but messages will be checked frequently.