Wednesday Bible Study with Bishop Stokes

As we continually seek new ways to be Church in community with each other during these challenging times, you are invited to join an online bible study with Bishop Stokes.  This bible study will take place via Zoom web conference every Wednesday at 7 PM until further notice.

Tonight we’ll explore the upcoming week’s Gospel reading—this week is John 9—the man born blind from birth. “Who sinned?  This man or his parents?” Studying the text in light of the current pandemic could lead to a rich conversation and study,

We have set up these recurring weekly meetings through Wednesday, May 27.  Registration is required, but you can register all the way up to and even during any meeting.  Please note that you can join by cellphone (or even landline) – internet access is not required.

To register for any or all of these bible studies:

  • Click here:
  • Where it says “Please choose only one meeting to attend,” that doesn’t mean you can only attend one meeting.  It means you need to register separately for each meeting you want to attend, so we can keep a more accurate head count of how many people to expect at each meeting.
  • From that drop-down menu of dates, pick the date of the meeting for which you want to register
  • Include your name and email information as requested, check the box to prove you’re not a robot, and click “Register”
  • A confirmation screen will appear, and there will be a link allowing you to add the meeting to your calendar if you so desire
  • If so desired, hit the “back” button and repeat the process for each meeting you want to attend.

After registering each time, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting – including instructions for joining by phone.  You can access this same link at any time to register again for an upcoming session.  We look forward to having you join us as we explore God’s Word together.

n.b. The previously scheduled Evening Prayer and Bible Study at 6.30pm will be replaced by a brief check-in and prayer “In the Early Evening” (BCP 139). Then we will join the Bishop’s forum before 7pm. Please register separately for the Bishop’s forum! No registration is required for the St. Thomas’ meeting.

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