Update from Bishop Stokes

Dear Friends,

With careful discernment, paying attention to our Presiding Bishop, our Governor, and federal bodies, Bishop Stokes has advised us that church gatherings are prohibited at least until 1 May 2020. Outside gatherings and off-campus gatherings, including during Holy Week and Easter, are not permitted. Bishop Stokes writes, “It is vitally important for us all to recognize that the steps we are being asked to take as a society and as a church are for the sake of the love of our neighbors – all of our neighbors.”

Bishop Stokes goes on to reflect on the Desert Tradition of early Christianity and the invitation we have received, unbidden, to explore aspects of that tradition in our sudden isolation.

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The news of continuing closure is sobering but not unexpected.

St. Thomas’ is committed to continuing to be a community of worship and mutual care, even during our sojourn in the desert. Please keep an eye on our homepage and keep in touch in with one another. Now is the time for our love for God and each other to shine forth, be fanned into flame, that we may see the Holy Spirit doing something new among us!



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