Psalm 119 Project

St. Thomas’ read Psalm 119 together while we were apart during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in March/April 2020.

Psalm 119 is a beautiful Psalm, and also famous for being the longest in the Bible. It’s an acrostic: each section of the Psalm has all the sentences begin with the same letter (in Hebrew). The name of that Hebrew letter is printed above that section in your prayer book. Some Bibles will actually print the letter itself!

You can hear the entire Psalm here, or individual sections of it down below.

Psalm 119

Letter Reader
א – Aleph Jonathan W.
ב – Beth Aviva F.
ג – Gimel Eric C.
ד – Daleth Barbara C.
ה – He Todd F.
ו – Vav Gretchen O.
ז – Zayin Tal K.
ח – Chet Jeannie M.
ט – Tet Daniel O.
י – Yodh Becky S.
כ – Kaf Cole B.
ל – Lamed Carl K.
מ – Mem Donna F.
נ – Nun John H.
ס – Samech Bobby K.
Y – Ayin Vivian H.
פ – Peh Matthew O.
צ – Tsade Sara J.
ק – Qof Joe R.
ר – Resh Rachael O.
ש – Sin/Shin Becky F.
ת – Tav Jo-Ann T.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this effort!


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