What’s Happening?

Advent Vespers 2019


Meet two of our young preachers, Maiiya and Scott. Both are relatively new members of St. Thomas’ (though they’ve both been among us longer than you think!). They, along with Sarah Ternay, are the driving energy behind our Advent Vespers services on Tuesday nights at 6.30pm!


This week St. Thomas’ is hosting four families through IHN / Family Promise. These are children and adults, women and men, who have a warm, safe place to sleep and a hearty meal at the end of each day thanks to the hard work and generosity of St. Thomas’. Cleaning, preparing meals, sleeping over, driving the van: disciples of Jesus Christ love their neighbors in practical ways even when it means sacrificing their own comfort and desires.


Kitchen of Hope gave away 80+ turkeys last weekend! Disciples of Jesus look for ways to share with others the good things in life that we enjoy ourselves. Thank you to everyone who came out for an extra Kitchen of Hope Day in November!

Grungy Crop Pumpkins 2019

This weekend has become an annual trifecta: Grungy Sunday plus the Crop Walk plus Pizza and Pumpkins. At St. Thomas’ we’re not very good at choosing: we prefer to say “yes!” to everything! Thank you to everyone who helped out with these events: most of you with more than one of them!

Pre-Grungy Sunday 2019

Guess what? “Pre-Grungy Sunday” work is already going on, getting ready for the Ham & Oyster Supper. But it’s not too late for you to join the fun! Come out this Sunday to receive Communion in your “grungies,” then let’s get to work preparing a hospitable campus for the hundreds of visitors we will receive on 5 November!

Pet Blessing 2019

This weekend was the Feast of St. Francis, when many like to offer a blessing of the animals. St. Francis saw God’s handiwork everywhere he looked, which meant that even the animals were deserving of care and honor as they, too, are God’s gracious gift. We blessed the pets on Saturday and the children’s stuffed animals on Sunday!

Ladies’ Tea 2019

The 2019 Ladies’ Tea was a huge success! Thank you to the many women and men who put time into setting up, serving, and cleaning up afterwards!