What’s Happening?

Baccalaureate 2019

We celebrated Baccalaureate Sunday with five graduating high school seniors (L to R): Kate Appleby-Wineberg, Matthew Owen, Hannah Gibbs, Rachael Owen, and Rachel Carpinelli. It was a proud (and bittersweet!) Sunday for St. Thomas’!

Labyrinth 20190509

Last Sunday our “Prayer Practices” class finished up with a walk through the Labyrinth. Five of us braved the rain and puddles to enjoy contemplative walking and fresh air. You are invited to check out St. Thomas’ labyrinth, painted on the grass beside the Rectory, near the meditation garden & benches.

Easter Pageant 2019

For the second Sunday of Easter (there are seven!) we celebrated with an Easter Pageant and an Egg Hunt! Thank you to Daniel Owen for organizing and directing the pageant, wherein the children told the story of Jesus’ Resurrection and Appearances to the Disciples!

Holy Week 2019

For Holy Week 2019 St. Thomas’ brought out our best! A beautiful space, beautiful music, new fire, new life in Christ: all fitting things as we experienced together the passion and resurrection of our Lord. Holy Week and the Great Three Days are a reflection of St. Thomas’ as we work together to shine the light of Christ in our community!

First Rowan Eucharist

This weekend members of St. Thomas’ and Good Shepherd met on the campus of Rowan University to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Our gracious host was the Interfaith & Spiritual Exploration Center, a first-of-its-kind department among New Jersey universities and a function of the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution.

As we have watched Rowan University blossom alongside our own church campus, we have been praying about how we might serve that community and reflect God’s own love. College is a critically important time for development of all aspects of a human being — including the spiritual. It is our mission to be a supportive community for everyone seeking God/truth/goodness, and our privilege to carry out that mission on the campus of Rowan University.

Lector Meeting

Every other month our dedicated team of Lectors gathers to read the Scriptures and to select opportunities to serve in liturgy. Would you like to join us? Talk to Kathy Iannacone about getting on the schedule. We are particularly short-handed in our Saturday/5.30 and Sunday/8.00 services!

Ashes to Go

Ash Wednesday: St. Thomas’ celebrated with Ashes to Go early and late, Ash Wednesday services in the middle. This also marked our first Ash Wednesday offerings on the campus of Rowan University. It was below freezing, but more than 40 people came out to answer the invitation to a Holy Lent, remembering their mortality and God’s care for them.