What’s Happening?

Lector Meeting

Every other month our dedicated team of Lectors gathers to read the Scriptures and to select opportunities to serve in liturgy. Would you like to join us? Talk to Kathy Iannacone about getting on the schedule@ We are particularly short-handed in our Saturday/5.30 and Sunday/7.45 services!

Ashes to Go

Ash Wednesday: St. Thomas’ celebrated with Ashes to Go early and late, Ash Wednesday services in the middle. This also marked our first Ash Wednesday offerings on the campus of Rowan University. It was below freezing, but more than 40 people came out to answer the invitation to a Holy Lent, remembering their mortality and God’s care for them.

Kitchen of Hope Banquet 2019

The Kitchen of Hope Banquet was a huge success! The room was packed (an extra table had to be set up), the baskets were plentiful, and our Bishop and Canon to the Ordinary were both present to offer their blessings. Thank you, St. Thomas’, for the amazing work you do in support of causes you believe in!

Way of St. Paul 2019

Several from St. Thomas’ attended the “Way of St. Paul” training offered by the Diocese of New Jersey in Pennington, NJ. The Way of St. Paul aims to help churches grow by “Keeping the main thing the main thing.” For a church, the main thing is forming disciples of Jesus Christ, and the context for the main thing is in relationship. Ask us about what we heard!

Why I love…

Why I love St. Thomas’ #1403: Last night and this morning it was announced that there were bags of dirty laundry from IHM/Family Promise (housing families in transition on our campus for a week at a time) in the back hall. Everyone was invited to take one home and wash it. Today after coffee hour, this bag is all that was left!

Youth Game Night

Our youth group had its first monthly Game Night of the new year! All youth, 6th to 12th grades, are welcome to join us on the first Sunday of each month from 6-8pm. Thank you to Dan Owen for organizing this exciting new opportunity for fellowship and fun!

Black History Month Potluck 2019

February is Black History Month — and at St. Thomas’ we celebrate with a special speaker (the Rev. Canon Dr. Brian Jemmott) and a multi-ethnic potluck! This is not a day to miss church!

Family Promise Week

Four times per year, St. Thomas’ hosts families that are homeless and in transition for a week at a time. This (27 Jan-3 Feb) is that week! Please pray for these families, parents and young children, who are trying to find their way forward, and for the multitude of volunteers who will serve them this week cooking, cleaning, driving the van, spending the night, setting up, and providing a compassionate listening ear.


St. Thomas’ Presents… a new Deacon for Christ’s Church: The Reverend Ken Carpinelli! Two dozen of us were there to proudly witness his ordination at Christ Church Cathedral in Trenton on 19 January 2019. Congratulations, Ken!