Ray Stevens and Carl Pape Memorial Bell Tower Restoration

Thank you to everyone who gave to the Ray Stevens and Carl Pape Memorial Bell Tower Fundraiser!

Our goal was to raise $20,000. As of last Sunday we had raised $24,510 – and checks continued to arrive through the week. If you want in on this fund-raiser, it’s not too late. The original goal was only an estimate: any excess that remains when the work is done will be reserved in the memorial fund for other capital needs that Ray and Carl would have been concerned about.




About our bell

The St. Thomas’ Church Bell was installed in our tower in 1911. For the past century and more, that bell has called the faithful to worship, and proclaimed to our neighbors, “We are praying for you!” Our bell has marked national tragedies and days of remembrance. Our bell has rung in celebration of weddings, other holidays, and the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Our bell plays only a single tone, but it strikes chords in the hearts of very many who hear it, its beautiful sound being a feature of our worship and of many of the most sacred moments in our lives.

About our project

Jo-Ann Toldt introduces the Ray Stevens and Carl Pape Memorial Bell Tower Restoration project.


In 2018, the iron mechanism which rings the bell disintegrated after a century of use and exposure to the elements. Efforts are presently under way to raise approximately $20,000 to fabricate a new mechanism, to renew the roofing and other structural members, and to renew the wire mesh intended to keep birds and squirrels from making their home in our bell tower.

Funds are being raised as a memorial to Ray Stevens (our faithful bell-ringer until only a few months ago!) and Carl Pape (whose decline was more drawn out, but who was equally legendary for his welcome and his service to St. Thomas’!).

Your donation is tax deductible and can be made online or by mailing a check made out to “St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church” to the address below:

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church
ATTN: Bell Tower Restoration Fund
212 North Main St
Glassboro  NJ    08028


If you have questions, or for more information, please contact members our Fundraising committee: Jo-Ann Toldt, Cyndy Hayes, and Jim McCarthy.

Thank you for helping the bell at St. Thomas’ ring out the Good News of the Gospel once more!