Dinner Church

Dinner Church is on hiatus during the pandemic. 

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You are welcome to join us for Dinner Church on Wednesday nights at 6pm in the Parish Hall!

What happens at Dinner Church?

We gather between 6:00 and 6:30 downstairs in the Parish Hall. That’s the building closest to the parking lot. There is an accessible entrance at the front of the building on Focer Street.

After putting on a name tag, each person is assigned a job to help set up for the evening. Maybe you would help set the table, or chop some vegetables for a salad.

Others practice music or visit with one another.

At 6:30 we gather to sing simple songs and light candles.

We take our candles to the tables where we will enjoy our meal after saying some ancient prayers.

Then we dig in over a (usually) home-cooked meal.

Over dinner we share our lives through conversation and laughter.

At the end of the meal, a short message from the Bible is shared and there is time for discussion.

Then it’s time to clean up!

Everyone participates in getting the dishes washed and putting the room back the way it was found.

Then we gather one last time for a closing song and blessing before we head home.